Thursday, May 16, 2013

Script:; Draws and saves map of the United States with Alaska and Hawaii in the lower left corner

This script gives you the ability to generate the classic US map that has helped convince countless of Americans that Alaska is really an island near Mexico, and not a giant landmass far to the north.

Required Arguments: -var: chosen plot variable

Options:   -help(-h):  Pulls up Help Page
                  -base(-b): Uses Basemap options, you must follow this option with an "O" or "L"
                  -iname   : Sets name of output image, you must follow this with an image name
                  -xsiz      : Toggles the number of pixels in x
                  -ysiz      : Toggles the number of pixels in y
                  -bcol     : Toggles the color of the basemap'

Example Usage: 'us_map rose -b O -iname topomap.png'
                             -Plots the topography with masked out ocean and saves to the image: topomap.png

US Topomap made using

Note, when using, the lat/lon boundaries are set within the script, so you cannot set these before hand.  Also, be sure to set your other plot options before using (e.g., page area, contour levels, etc.).  Lastly, turns off the x and y labels to plot the boxes for Alaska and Hawaii, so you may need to turn them back on after using  Also, please report any bugs so that this script may be fixed in future versions.


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