Thursday, May 16, 2013

Script:; Draws a black/white checkered border around the outside of your map.

This script helps you create more professional looking area maps by plotting a clean border around your map.  An example is shown here:

World map plotted with checkered border.

Required Arguments: There are no required arguments for

Options: -help(-h)   : Pulls up Help Page
                -size(-s)    : Toggles size/number of bars bordering the plot
                -width(-w): Toggles the width of the border
                -strsiz(-ss) : Toggles the size of the lat/lon coords
                -laboff(-lo): Turns off the drawing of Lat/lon Labels

Example Usage: 'checkered  -s 1.8 -w 0.1'

Note that is currently only compatible with map projections of scaled and latlon.  Also, you must have something plotted in order to have a border drawn.  Please report any bugs so that future versions can be made better.


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